Cabinet with faux-finish


I first started in furniture refinishing at 16, doing tables and dressers around my parents' home. I found it therapeutic to work with my hands, but never imagined it to be a career. As I got older, I drew away from the craft, and instead earned a university degree and moved on in life.

After a few years of travelling and living across Canada, I settled in Vancouver. After pondering about what to do with my life and career, I remembered refinishing furniture as a teen, and thought it could be a true career.

I spent the next 4 years training under a master refinisher and a journeyman. In the year 2000, I moved back to the Halifax area, set up shop, and have been in business ever since. While training under the master, I learned:

Traditional finishes
Staining and glazing a piece of furniture to an antique finish
Faux finishes for modern pieces

I learned the art of distressing a piece, so a new piece can look older. I perform small repairs, such as veneer repair and chair re-gluing. I love all aspects of the business, of getting an old piece, and seeing its potential to become new again.


My process for a complete refinish includes hand stripping a piece with a chemical stripper. I have found this is the best method for removing all the finish from within the grain of the wood without damaging the surface. It is safe for veneers. I never use a diptank, as it can remove the veneer itself and can damage the glued joints.

The next stage is a hand sanding, to ready the wood for staining. I use a gel stain, with a lacquer sealant, which I spray on to create a smooth coat. If the piece calls for an antique finish, I continue with the glazing process, which brings out the detail in a piece of furniture that may not have been apparent before. I finish most my pieces with the lacquer, which gives the furniture a beautiful feel of silky smoothness.

Business Ethic

I offer free at-home estimates, for the area around Truro to Cole Harbour. And I stand by my work - if you're not happy, I'm not happy. We work together to get the piece of furniture you've always wanted.